Middlesex Hospital Accepting Fall Volunteer Applications

More than 600 volunteers currently serve the hospital in Middletown. Would you like to join them?


Middlesex Hospital is now accepting volunteer applications for the fall.

The area's largest hospital currently has over 600 active volunteers working in 86 different departments, across four locations (see below for details) as well as hospice services.

"It's a really great program," said Kathryn Kearns, director of Volunteer Services for the hospital. "We try to come up with a balance of what the hospital needs as well as find things that are challenging and interesting for the people who come to volunteer. I think we've come up with a nice balance."

Applying to become a volunteer at Middlesex Hospital is more rigorous than most organizations due to the service provided, but the rewards are wide-ranging.

"We look at availablitly, what openings are, what they're bringing to the table, how long they want to stay, are they retired, are they looking to do it in the short term because they're unemployed," Kearns said.

To become an adult volunteer (18 years or older) at Middlesex Hospital and its affiliates, applicants need to complete a 4-part application process. The four parts include an application, taking a health form to your doctor and having a current TB test, having a personal interview with the Director of Volunteer Services and attending a 2-hour orientation.

The orientations are offered once a month except August and December.

Kearns said some volunteers stay with the hospital for decades. 

"Last year we had 80,000 volunteer hours. We're always looking for good volunteers," Kearns said.

Visit the hospital's website for more information volunteering at Middlesex Hospital or contact the Volunteer Services Office at (860) 358-6735 or email kate.kearns@midhosp.org.


Middlesex Hospital (Middletown)

Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center (Middletown)

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Marlborough Medical Center (Marlborough)



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