Eames Recognized for Lifelong Service to Town

Durham's Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman will retire from the commission this year after spending more than 50 years as a member.

Longtime Durham resident and volunteer George Eames III, was briefly honored during the Republican Town Committee's nominating caucus Monday night.

Eames, who chairs the Planning and Zoning Commission, has served on the commission for "a little over" 50 years, but will retire this year.

During the meeting moderator Robert Poliner said:

"Be it resolved that this party goes on record thanking George Eames for such service to the town, not only on the Planning and Zoning Commission, but he and his wife both served us in the tax collector's office for many years as well and god knows how many other thing's both of them have done. So, to George and his wife Lee, our congratulations and our thanks."

"It's been a lot of fun, a lot of work and I think we've accomplished a lot for the Town of Durham. Thank you very much, I hope I'll be around another 50 years," Eames joked.


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