Poll: Should Region 13 Offer Full-Day Kindergarten?

A public hearing on next year's proposed school budget will be held on April 11. The proposal includes funding for full-day kindergarten.


Next week, residents of Durham and Middlefield will get another opportunity to weigh in on next year's $34.08 million  when Region 13 school officials present the budget during a public hearing at .

The public hearing starts at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11.

Under the current budget proposal, full-day kindergarten would be added in Region 13 in the fall.

In March, administrators provided  and an overwhelming number of parents spoke in favor of the proposal at several board meetings.

A Patch poll in January found that 66-percent of readers supported full-day kindergarten while 27-percent did not support adding the extra classroom time.

So, do you think Region 13 should add full-day kindergarten in the fall? Share your comments below.

Guest April 08, 2012 at 02:30 PM
If having full day takes funds away from more important needs. Absolutely not! Fall behind? We all turned out just fine. Parents need to teach their children. Kids that are home schooled are much more advanced than those taught in a crowded classroom. Parents need to step up pre-school and throughout school. Ridiculous to think a teacher can make a different in kindergarten or could do a better job than a parent, especially at that young age.
Resident, Taxpayer, Parent April 08, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Let's remember that implementation of full day kindergarten requires that 3 positions at the lower levels will be eliminated (current teachers are retiring and their positions will not be filled). This means larger class sizes at the lower levels. Research has shown that small class size IMPROVES student learning. Are we serving all of our children by eliminating these positions? Or just the short-term bottom line, and using test scores as justification?
Jennifer April 09, 2012 at 11:03 AM
I'm a parent of a child entering kindergarten in the fall and I also grew up in Region 13 and haven chosen to live in this district not only beacuse I love the area, but also so that my children can get the same education that I received. I support full day kindergarten. I think it is important to mention that the State of CT has adopted the Common Core Standards which in turn means that we as a school district must adopt it as well. With these new standards comes the fact that kindergartens (and all children at all grade levels) are required to know more and these standards do not leave "catch up" time at the next grade level like there is now. With a half day schedule there is just not enough time to for a teacher to fully teach the children. Yes our children will fall behind because of these new common core standards if full day kindergarten is not implemented.
Chris April 09, 2012 at 02:44 PM
There have been so many comments made about implementing full day kindergarten, some good and some bad. Some comments have just been down right rude and uncalled for. There was one comment in the Middletown Press that stated, "District 13 parents have been wanting free daycare for a long time now". It is sad to think that someone would actually say that. I agree that Kindergarten children are young, and a full day seems like so much, but most of these children have been going to preschool for at least a year, or in most cases 2 years. Their time in preschool is longer than the time they spend in kindergarten. We, as parents, have not adopted the new Common Core Standards, the State of Ct has. We, as parents, just want our children to get the education (and time) they need to learn what is expected of them. We don't want our children to feel stress and anxiety if they do not catch on as quickly as others. Teachers need time to teach! I support full-day kindergarten, and believe that the decision to implement it is way past due.
sue April 09, 2012 at 05:46 PM
The Common Core Standards were developed for the entire state including the Cities of Hartford, Bridgeport , New Haven ,etc, where the children's test scores are much lower than D13 because unfortunately many of these children live in poverty , their home lives are very chaotic , and being in school is very beneficial to these children . The additional time in school will indeed help these children, who live in poverty, since it will be a refuge, a safe environment,they will also get 2 good meals a day to promote brain growth.Do our D13 children really need this ?That is the huge question- I feel that this change was made at the state level with the lower income cities in mind. Our children also should not be made to feel stressed out over their test scores.This "stressing out" can lead to a pattern of an anxiety disorder lasting into adulthood , anxiety can lead to depression - especially if a child feels rejected because of test scores and this can lead to substance abuse to numb the feelings, My daughter had a learning disability and didn't learn to read until she was 8- - thank-you to Betsy Bascom,she also didn't have very good test scores , there was nothing positive that could come out of stressing myself or her , eventually she matured and in her 20's went to college and received not 1, but 2 college degrees and got good grades and makes an excellent salary .


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