MDC to End Hazardous Waste Collection for Middlefield Residents

The town has been notified that the annual program that allows residents to drop-off their household hazardous waste in Middletown will be ending this year.


Starting next year, Middlefield residents who travel once a year to Middletown to drop off their household hazardous waste may need to go elsewhere.

The town has been notified by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) that the organization will no longer provide collection of items such as motor oil, paint and other hazardous materials, according to officials.

Middlefield selectman Ed Bailey said the town received a letter from the MDC stating that the organization is "cutting back on their program and all scheduled collections as of Jan. 1, 2013."

Each fall, residents are invited to drop off their household hazardous waste at Moody School in Middletown so it can be properly disposed of. Although the program is utilized and considered convenient, Bailey said it proves expensive for the number of residents who participate in it.

"We're currently paying about $5,000 a year to Metropolitan District Commission for the household hazardous waste program," he said. "The cost per person that utilizes it from the town of Middlefield is in the hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It's very inefficient. It's very expensive."

Bailey said the town has been provided with two options that provide a similar service — Tunxis Recycling Operating Committee in Bristol and the New Haven based Regional Water Authority — but indicated the town may look into providing hazardous waste drop-off at its own transfer station.

"These two options are very poor for us and for the people of Middlefield," said selectman Dave Burgess.

Bailey said another organization may also be willing to continue offering the program at a location convenient to residents. Selectmen plan to discuss the issue at their next meeting in September.

In the meantime, residents can drop off their household hazardous waste at Middlesex Community College in Middletown on October 13, the MDC's last scheduled collection for the towns. Check back with Patch for further details.


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