Killingworth Officials are Sworn In

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman visited the town Wednesday afternoon to swear-in newly elected officials.

Several newly elected officials, and some re-elected, were sworn into their new terms of office late Wednesday afternoon by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

Wyman stopped by the Town Hall in Killingworth around 6 p.m., Wednesday to administer the oath of office to First Selectman Catherine Iino, who was overwhelmingly re-elected in a four-way race for the job’s top spot, and five other elected officials. They gathered in the hallway outside the Town Clerk’s office to take their oath from Wyman.

Joining Iino were Tax Collector Michelle Nuhn, Treasurer Claudette Lagasse, John McMahon, who serves on the Board of Finance, John O’Brien, who was elected to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Geoff Cook, also elected to the PZC.

Wyman spent a few minutes before administering the oath, chatting and joking with the local officials, and then thanked them for holding public office.

“Thank you for your service, because it really is important,” Wyman told them. “You have the toughest job of all. Anything local is a tough job because you can’t leave. If they don’t like me in Tolland, I can always come to Killingworth!”

“I do it for the money,” joked McMahon, who is not paid for his finance board service.

Lyman was in the area Wednesday to swear in elected officials in Chester and put in a stop In Killingworth as well. She apologized to the small gathering for being about a half hour late, explaining she was delayed by a car accident on Route 9.



Mike Butler November 17, 2011 at 07:21 PM
And in a separate session, Fire Commissioner Mike Butler was sworn in to his fifth term by Town Clerk Linda Dudek.
Michael Hayes (Editor) November 17, 2011 at 07:29 PM
Jeez, Mike... I feel like we keep leaving you out. Not our intention, obviously, so thanks for sharing.
Barack Obama November 18, 2011 at 07:50 AM
I have noted your election, Mike, but your no Barney Frank.


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