PD: Man Chokes Girlfriend After She Hits up His Friends for Benefits

Middletown Police say a Middlefield man got rough a woman after discovering she had slept with his friends to earn money for his birthday present.


A Middlefield man was arrested on strangulation and related charges stemming from a fight with his girlfriend after he learned the creative way in which she earned money for his birthday present, according to  

On March 19, police were called to Pat Kidney Field on the report of a woman screaming for help and saying, “get off me!” Officers found her and Louie J. Wescott, 27, of Edgewood Court, Middlefield, on Farm Hill Road; the victim said he had hit her, the report says.

The woman told police she’d been dating Wescott for six months and visited a friend on Farm Hill not knowing he was there. He yelled at her for cheating at him, officers say, and pulled her by the sweater toward the field as the friend tried to get him to leave in a car.

The victim says he grabbed her throat and choked her then threw a bottle at her which missed. Witnesses confirmed the story, police say. The report says the woman was upset because she had “prostituted herself out to several of his friends to make money for his birthday.”

Police say Wescott’s phone had texts after he found this fact out. At headquarters, Westcott, 6 feet tall and 230 pounds, police say, said the victim, “a slim woman with a small figure,” bit him, slapped him in the face and knocked his earring out.

The woman told officers she cheated on Wescott because she “liked his friend,” but denied hitting him.

He was charged with breach of peace, second-degree unlawful restraint, third-degree strangulation.


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