PD: Large Company Party Erupts into Violent Fight as Man 'Sails' Down Stairs

Middletown Police say a celebration with an open bar at the Italian Society involving 100 Middlefield masonry employees ended with the arrest of an East Hartford man.

Credit: Middletown Patch
Credit: Middletown Patch

A drunken brawl at a popular Italian restaurant in Middletown during a large company party ended with a man badly injured after he fell down a flight of stairs and was kicked into unconsciousness, according to Middletown Police.

Jan. 10 at 9:19 p.m., police were called to the Cantina Cafe on Court Street about a fight and arrived to find a man lying inside at the bottom of the stairs unconscious and bleeding from the head, according to the report, while employees gave him medical help.

Twenty people were standing around drinking beer, according to police, at the Sons of Italy Italian Society in Middletown and none would offer information about the alleged attack that sent the male victim to Middlesex Hospital's emergency room. 

One witness said he was eating dinner with a large group of friends when he saw the victim fall down the stairs, according to the report, and all the people standing around drinking beer were part of a "brawl" that continued on top of the victim after he fell, "stomping on him as they threw punches at each other."

The report says another witness said the victim "sailed down the stairs" and the people involved also "tumbled" down the stairs still punching each other and a man in a yellow "Brazil" shirt "punt" the victim in the stomach with his foot.

Police identified the aggressor as Edmar Martins, 28, of Jerry Road, East Hartford, according to the report, but he was uncooperative and later admitted his involvement although insisting the injured man was the "problem." He smelled of alcohol, police say, and his "boss" Salvatore Monarca of Monarca Masonry of Middlefield spoke up and agreed with Martins, adding he was having a late Christmas party with an open bar for his more than 100 employees.

The report says detectives tried to interview the victim at the hospital but he appeared to be very intoxicated, wouldn't offer information, and challenged police to arrest him. It also says the victim's visitor was equally as uncooperative, adding, "I'm getting out of here. I don't know nothing."

Martins was charged with second-degree breach of peace and has a Middletown Superior Court date of Jan. 22 at 10 a.m.


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