What's Your Opinion: Cars to Replace Crafts at Durham Fair

Robert's Dodge is moving to the town green this year, along with the giant pumpkins and tractors.


An annual tradition at the Durham Fair is coming to an end this year.

The craft tent, which was erected on the town green in the weeks leading up to the fair and signaled the fair's arrival, is being replaced this year by Robert's Dodge.

The craft tent will move to the area just east of the medical building.

What's your opinion of the move? Will you miss the craft tent being on the town green? 

Brigid September 20, 2012 at 06:38 PM
As a resident who lives near the green I am very grateful that for the past few years I ‘ve been able to 'Get out of Dodge' for Durham Fair weekend. And this year, since Robert's Dodge will set up on the green, that decision is even more appropriate. I will not have to look at a car lot and I will not have to listen to the state cops on the corner behaving like Neanderthals. A win-win situation for me. I hope it works out well for the non-profits.
Just my opinion September 20, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Let's see how happy you are with the cars on the green if we get nasty weather because those dealer ships are not going to risk new cars for a fair. I went by the green today and it is empty and doesn't look like the Durham Fair as we all know it. I wonder how it would be if they moved the midway up there. I would love to see how much traffic that would bring to the top. also the State Police do a great job and if you think they won't be there you are wrong. One issue is people who can't follow simple directions. If my family wanted to go to the BIG E we would we need to slow down with the commercial growth and go back to growing our own. Without the non-profits there is no need to go to the fair. It has always been about supporting our local non-profits.
Just my opinion September 20, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Gone are the days that people had lots of money to blow today most families are fortunate enough to be able to get to the fair let alone be paying out their entire weeks pay. I strongly feel the fair needs to take a good hard look at how to make people happy. The roller coaster is not a money maker read the article it is more like a loss that is already prepared for.
Goatboy Soaps September 23, 2012 at 04:03 PM
We are right across from the corn booth with our family Goat milk Soap business and in the tradition of an Agriculture Fair we bring out Goats and it becomes an educational event as well as our only means of income. We rely on the proceeds from the Durham Fair to get us through the winter . Durham is by far the most expensive fair for us to do but it has always worked out OK for us. I remember when they closed the "Crafts on the Green " area we thought we were done for we lost alittle but the fair staff was very accommodating and put us on top of the hill. I am keeping my fingers crossed that our customers won't forget about us and make the hike up the hill and if it turns out to be a disaster the fair staff will find another place for us. We love what we do and understand the running of the fair is no easy undertaking. So lets hope for fair weather and even tempers. Rick, Lisa and the Goats Goatboy Soaps
Sad September 26, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I grew up with the fair. The excitement from seeing the tents going up on the green is still fresh on my mind. I was so disapointed to hear about a car dealership taking over that spot. I guess the fair is going in the more commercial direction and getting away from what it was meant to be, an agricultural fair. I for one won't be making my way up the big hill to see cars. I wonder if now the booths along that hill will suffer now too. So sad:(. Shame on whoever had the authority to make this decision, which should have been a town decision.


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