Reader: Why Has DeLauro Yet to Debate Winsley?

Bill Boylan of Middletown muses whether arrogance or fear is preventing Connecticut's longtime Democratic U.S. Rep. from facing off against her Republican challenger.


Last week I phoned Congressman Delauro's office in New Haven to see if a debate had been scheduled between her the Republican contender, Wayne Winsley. The gentleman who took my call said that, "there will be at least one debate, but there are usually two or three."

I found that statement a bit odd, because as far as I know, in the 28 years DeLauro has held office, she has never debated anyone.

To date, there is no debate scheduled between her and Winsley. Even the League of Women Voters can't seem to get her to commit. It seems DeLauro is ducking Winsley, and I have to wonder why.

There are a couple of possible reasons that come to mind. Perhaps she is so brazenly arrogant that she thinks re-election is in the bag and there's no need for her to bother with someone as "insignificant" as Wayne Winsley.

Or, perhaps she is afraid; afraid of being overshadowed and thoroughly trounced by a young, dynamic and powerful speaker who happens to be African-American and former president of the Danbury NAACP, who could very likely take a deep cut from her past supporters.

Personally, after working the sidelines with Wayne on his campaign and getting to know him, the man, I think it is the latter, rather than the former. Either way, it shows contempt and disregard for her constituents, all of whom deserve to see both candidates side by side so they can make a truly informed decision, come election day.

Be afraid, Rosa; be very afraid!

Bill Boylan, Middletown


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