Making Apple Pie Connections

My third apple pie contest at the fair this weekend marks our third year in town, and I love everything about being here.


As I slowly drove along the familiar fairground roads Wednesday evening, I found myself feeling, what is, no doubt, a disproportionate amount of satisfaction. I was there to drop off my apple pie at the exhibitor's building, my third year going for the elusive grand prize in the State Apple Pie competition.

I love that nearly everyone I know is involved, in some way, with the fair. I love that when I browse all the exhibitions, I will recognize the names of dozens of friends and neighbors. I love that the booths, and the organizations they support, are starting to become meaningful to me as I get to know people who are members of the various clubs in town. I love that nearly the whole town shuts down for fair weekend. And I love walking into Durham Market and being given a cookie to sample that the cashier had just entered into the guys baking category. (It was delicious!) 

I absolutely adore our little town and its big fair. Happy fairgoing, all! See you there.


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