Local Musician Sends Anti-Bully Song to President Obama

Art DeNicholas of Durham recently wrote and recorded "The Bully Song 2012" to bring attention to the issue.


Durham resident Art DeNicholas recently wrote and recorded a song titled "The Bully Song 2012," a track he says sends a clear message to anyone who bullies.

The song was recorded at John West studios in Durham and was inspired by news reports of bullying, according to DeNicholas, who recently sent a copy of the track to President Obama.

"They're not doing enough in the school systems," says DeNicholas who is looking to get more involved in anti-bullying efforts on the local and state level.

"One day you'll find out, I'm just like you. You're the one who's a stranger, you're the one in danger. Don't be a bully," he sings on the track.

Beverly Torell April 29, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Dear Art, Thank you for making this huge step, all the way to the top! I am an In School Suspension, S.A.I.L. (Students Achievement Intervention Lab). On a daily basis I see bullying in the high school where I work. There is Zero tolerance for name calling, pushing, shoving, etc...The message needs to be spread: Don't be an "innocent bystander". Stand up and speak to an adult about what you have witnessed. If your are a "Target", the same goes. Tell someone what has been happening to you, We are all in this together and have to make a stand against bullying.


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