Notre Dame Bids Farewell to Fr. Lipton

After leading church for three years, Father Mariadas J. Lipton is returning to India.

Saturday evening, parishioners of in Durham, gathered to bid Father Mariadas J. Lipton farewell, as he prepares to return to his native India. Fr. Lipton has been serving the Notre Dame parish for more than three years and will be dearly missed.

Originally, Lipton had obtained permission from his Bishop in India to come to America for two years. Those two years quickly turned into twelve, and now Lipton is ready to return home to India to serve in his home diocese at St. Michael’s parish in Tuticorin, India.

Fr. Lipton’s last day as parish priest of Notre Dame will be Wednesday, May 25. He will lead his final mass at Notre Dame at 9 a.m.


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