Buckle Up: Wild Winter Weather Ride Continues

Temps are going to dip back to seasonal norms and we'll have a slight chance for a wintry mix Wednesday night into Thursday, but not before some pretty dense fog settles in.

Dense fog and then a wintry mix is what we can expect this week. Credit: Patch File Photo
Dense fog and then a wintry mix is what we can expect this week. Credit: Patch File Photo
By Gary Jeanfaivre

The roller coaster ride we've been having with the weather this winter will continue this week.

After being engulfed in a polar vortex, only to see temps climb into the 50s for a thunderstorm in January, it's going to start feeling a little more like a normal New England winter—at least as far in advance as the forecast predicts right now.

In other words, we've got a wintry mix in the forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday. It's only a slight chance at this point—20%.

But first, on Wednesday, we'll have patchy fog—so much so, in fact, that the National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement about it.

In that statement, the NWS says that there will be areas along river banks and other bodies of water that will be blanketed in dense fog that could limit visibility to less than a quarter mile.

"Motorist should be on the look out for rapidly changing visibilities ... especially near bodies of water," the weather service states. "Drivers encountering locally dense fog should reduce speed and use low beam headlights."

That fog is forecast to break by late Wednesday into Thursday, when a mixture of rain and snow could fall. The rain will come after 10 p.m. and then mix with snow after 2 a.m., the weather service predicts.

Skies will once again clear on Friday, and then we've got another chance of snow showers Friday night and Saturday as temperatures dip to between 34 and 20.


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