Athenian Diner's Strawberry Cheesecake is Transcendent

We never would've guessed, but Athenian Diner has some pretty delicious cheesecake. Find out what makes it so good!


I know what you’re thinking …. How could cheesecake from a diner be blog-worthy? It’s probably taken out of a freezer, heated in the microwave, then stuck in a case where it sits for a couple of weeks.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea if this is how Athenian’s cheesecake is procured. All I know is that regardless of its origin, it’s pretty darn delicious. It even got a nod of approval from Gillian of Gilly’s Corner. If you don’t want to take my word for it, listen to her. She’s a legitimate cheesecake connoiseur.

For all intents and purposes, the cake is nothing but a huge blob of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and cream (and whatever other ingredients they use), covered in sugared strawberries and jelly. There is no crust, which might be why I like it so much. I’ve always felt that the crust detracts from the unique texture and taste of the cake itself. It is served chilled to perfection, and so smooth that you can simply run your fork across the surface and extract a big wad of deliciousness, something that, in Gillian’s book, deems a cheesecake solid.

The sweet strawberry concotion provides a nice contrast to the tangy cake, which is delicate yet full of flavor. It’s got that classic good cheesecake phenomenon where even if you’re completely full, you feel like you could keep eating it forever.

When writing this post, I did some research on different kinds of cheesecake. I was shocked to see how many there are. New York (also called Jewish style), Pennsylvania Dutch, Chicago style, Roman style, French style…The list goes on and on. Based on the taste and texture, I’m thinking that maybe Athenian makes a New York cheesecake, but I’m not really sure. Does anybody know?

Regardless, this one is for the books. I highly suggest that next time you’re at Athenian Diner, after your midnight pancakes and a few dozen dinner mints, you grab a slice of cheesecake. It comes in plain, strawberry, and chocolate flavors, and if the one we tried is any indicator, they’re all going to be delicious.


Athenian Diner

864 Washington St Middletown, CT 06457


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Misty Dawn February 21, 2013 at 12:32 AM
It is amazing. And it is made by Baker Chris in-house ,as are all of their desserts in the case.


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