Pig-lickers! Get your Durham Fair pig-lickers!

Durham teen is raising money for the Honduras Children's Project at the Durham Fair.

Earlier this summer Patch introduced you to Durham teen , founder of the Honduras Children’s Project, a charity the 16-year-old created to raise money for impoverished children in Honduras. 

The children are in need of a teacher, school supplies and a school building.  These are all the current goal’s Charlie has set for his non-profit charity.

To help reach these goals Charlie built a food stand at the Durham Fair and is selling chocolate covered bacon - or as he first mentioned to me “pig-lickers”.  After deciding to create a booth at the Durham Fair to raise money, Charlie needed to figure out just what to sell.  His first idea was “trashy products”.

“Trashy products” are small vibrantly colored handbags and bracelets made from litter.  “The people of Villa Soleada in El Progreso, [Honduras] pick up litter from the streets like chip bags and soda garbage; they clean it up and weave patterns from it.  Then they take those patterns and make handbags and bracelets out of it," Charlie said.  After discussing this idea with his father, they thought they needed something catchier to appeal to a larger group of people.

So why chocolate covered bacon? “Good question!” Charlie laughs.

Together Charlie and his father researched fairs around the country and found that ‘pig-lickers’ (chocolate covered bacon) are a hot food item at fairs so they decided to go for it.

Though Charlie hasn’t given up on “trashy products" -- he’s now selling them on Ebay (and they are spectacular to see). These eco-friendly products are a great way to help others make an income and participate in keeping our earth clean.  For more on that check out his website at: www.honduraschildrensproject.org

Charlie’s chocolate covered bacon booth is bright pink and located near the top of the hill before you reach the green beside the Levi Coe Library booth.  Just follow the smell of hot crispy bacon and chocolate in the air!

Michael Hayes September 25, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Bob, I'm sure Charlie would have appreciated your help painting the booth, or helping put up some sheetrock, or maybe you should just heed the advice our mother's gave us? Charlie has made a tremendous commitment to the children in Honduras and the booth was just one of the things Chariie, a teenager, has done to help them. Take a deep breath.
Tina Hurlbert September 25, 2011 at 11:10 PM
Kudos to Charlie - age 16 - for blazing his own trail and putting others before himself. I can think of few nobler causes than helping those less fortunate, and this young man has set an excellent example for his teenage peers AND adults alike in his selfless, committed, enthusiastic and creative approach to service. Jane Goodall insisted that every person can make a difference every day, and it is clear to me that Charlie is doing just that. We can ALL learn from his spirit.


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