Letter: Save Mrs. Stanley's Position at HK High School

The loss of Mrs. Stanley would be detrimental to the students at HK.


Dear Dr. Thiery: 

I have learned through students at HKHS and Facebook that Mrs. Diane Stanley’s position at the high school faces elimination. I hope you have read the many wonderful comments from current and former HK students – some who didn’t even have Mrs. Stanley for a teacher – in support of the role she serves at school and in the community.

Both of my children have had the pleasure of being in Mrs. Stanley’s classes and both benefited immensely from her knowledge, wisdom, compassion and care.  From basic computer class, which is an out-dated graduation requirement, to Personal Finance – which should be a graduation requirement – to Accounting and Business  Marketing, my son Trevor has enjoyed and excelled in all of these classes. When I have met with her for parent-teacher conferences Mrs. Stanley has exhibited a  vast knowledge of my son and his work and his ability – they weren’t just empty words!

The loss of Mrs. Stanley would be detrimental to the students at HK.  The school system seems to offer a myriad of art and other social classes that, although appealing to many, don’t provide the necessary life skills classes that Mrs. Stanley and the Business Education department offer. So much more could and should be offered to our students in terms of preparing them for the next phase of their lives – living independently. There should be greater emphasis on the internship program which can give a student direction for the future.

I implore you and the Board of Education to reconsider and revamp the high school business education program so that more of these types classes fit into a student’s schedule. Very often a student cannot take a class and is placed in a section of a subject that bears little interest to them or has little practicality in life. It may be time to look at all the courses offered at HK to be sure that the needs of our students are being met  - not just their needs in grades 9-12 but there needs when they leave the HK community. 


Fiona Phelan

Class of 2012 and Class of 2009 parent.

JS188 June 08, 2012 at 01:02 PM
This is the exact reason that I voted NO for the school budget for the firs time in 7 years. Administration is expanded, teachers and programs are cut. Taxpayers need to wise up and send the message next time around.
Divinna Schmitt June 08, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Thank you for your letter Fiona. And thank you to the kids at HK who have taken an issue they care about (which involves their education!) and have gone beyond simple complaining and moved to respectful organization and commitment to spreading the word. I applaud this sensiblity and generosity of spirit. We know that when cuts are made (which is inevitable in this climate of little or no funding for education) there is always someone who is unhappy. But the unhappiness from these students speaks volumes. Divinna Schmitt Parent of two HK graduates.


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