Region 17 Meets Tonight on Budget

School Superintendent Howard Thiery will present his budget proposal to leaders from Haddam and Killingworth.


The Region 17 Board of Education will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m., today at .

At the meeting School Superintendent Howard Thiery will present his proposed 2012-2013 budget plan to the boards of selectmen and finance from the towns of Haddam and Killingworth.

Thiery last week unveiled his budget to the school board. The proposal calls for spending $38.2 million next year in the regional district. Spending would increase .89 percent, or $335,062, over this year’s $37.8 million budget under the proposal.

“I believe this budget represents both Fiscal Conservation as well as Programmatic Innovation,” Thiery said in his written budget address to the school board. “It is critical that our budget is respectful to our communities in these difficult economic times and that it also continues to invest in improving the education we offer the children of our communities.”

Thiery’s address to the board goes on to say that he worked collaboratively with his administrative team and the school board over the last several months while the budget was being developed to “identify and implement cost savings and structural streamlining to reduce operating costs wherever possible.”

You can view a pdf of the budget proposal above.

No more taxes March 13, 2012 at 01:09 PM
We the people believe any budget increase, during a recession, is wrong. 80% of our killingworth tax dollars are spent on education. This is not fiscal conservation. Rather another opportunity to raise taxes, again! We the people do not believe simply throwing more money into our schools guarantees a better education. The only way to improve eduction is through the quality of teachers. Teachers knowing how to teach. Btw, Just because you have a teaching degree, it doesn't mean you re a great teacher! It all boils down to the curriculum. The foundation or road map for teachers to follow. Typically, the curriculum doesn't cost more. Costs rise based on unionized teachers interpreting the curriculum. We the people feel this is the area that needs reigning in. Lets start by cutting their salaries 10% across the board and require them to pay a higher individual contribution towards their benefits. Sound crazy?! Why, most people in the private sector have had to do this! Why should the public sector be immune to this practice. Oh, but you say our children may be affected and not receive a great eduction... If we have good teachers that love their discipline, we will continue to receive great results for our children. Finally, during this recession, let's just defer any additional budget increases. Let's wait for our current financial crisis to pass before trying to pull more money from the taxpayer. Now, this approach is sound fiscal conservation.


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