First Grade Teachers at Killingworth Elementary Turn to Online Charity

Mrs. Lomazzo and Ms. Varga are among the thousands to sign up on DonorsChoose.org, a website that helps raise money for special projects.


Mrs. Lomazzo wants to instill the thrill of reading to her students so that they become life-long readers. Ms. Varga says her students are eager to succeed as authors and illustrators  

Lomazzo and Varga, who both teach first grade at , have put a call out for donations to fund their projects through donorchoose.org, an online charity connecting people to classrooms in need.

"We discuss in our classroom the meaning of 'getting lost in a book,' and building reading stamina to become better readers. We hope to raise $800 for a reader's leveled book library within our classroom. These resources will be invaluable to my students to build upon their reading skills and to extend their learning," says Lomazzo.

"This project is so important because not only does it demonstrate to my students the value of their writing, it proves that they have a voice as authors and illustrators and they can have an impact on the world," Varga writes.

Donating is easy, here's how: 

If you would like to contribute to Mrs. Lomazzo's classroom library, check out her project on here.

If you would like to help Ms. Varga purchase the materials she needs, read more about her project here.


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