Donations Help Pay for Technology Upgrades at Korn, John Lyman Schools

Parent-led organizations have donated thousands of dollars to improve technology in the classroom.


Members of the John Lyman Parent Association (JLPA) and Brewster-Korn Parent Teacher Association (BKPTA) are donating money to help pay for technology upgrades in the classroom.

Superintendent Susan Viccaro announced Wednesday night that the JLPA would be donating $2,000 to pay for six tables and an iPad cart.

The tables will allow for the installation of ten new iMac computers in the school's computer lab while the cart will be used to store and charge student used iPads.

"We're very grateful for the generosity and support of JLPA," Viccaro said.

Six new SmartBoards have been installed at Korn Elementary School. The interactive teaching tools were made possible through $9,000 in donations by the BKPTA over a four-year period.

"Obviously it is a significant impact on our kids when we have additional technology," Viccaro added.

"It's a wonderful gift," board member Nancy Boyle said.


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