What Killingworth Town Hall Could Look Like

Renderings presented by architect Brian W. Humes offer a vision for the future that's rooted in the past.

Killingworth Town Hall Building Committee gave local residents their first look at plans for a new addition to Town Hall this week. Here are some of the architectural drawings and site plans prepared by Brian W. Humes of Jacunski Humes Architects. The plans are also on display in Killingworth Town Hall. 

Dave Adametz May 03, 2012 at 02:04 PM
The enormous price tag aside, I think it looks atrocious. I was born and raised in Killingworth so from that outlook I can say this building doesn't remotely reflect the small town character of the town or even our farming heritage. For one thing, historically, small towns would always leave the barns at home and build something respectable for their town halls and churches they could congregate in and feel proud of, and for another, the design doesn't look like a barn; it looks like what someone raised in a city would think a barn would look like. Built as the main structure alongside a building with a true traditional small town design, the juxtaposition of this thing is as out of place in this town as having a concert venue of Frank Sinatra opening for Weird Al Yankovic. Besides, can anyone name even one of our neighboring towns that has a bright red barn for a town hall? Didn't think so.
Mr.BIG May 11, 2012 at 12:02 AM
I totally agree with you Dave and I thought that our town officials would figure it out by now that it isn't about them, its about the residents and tax payers.Even though it is an idea for now, I know that many of us don't think it is the time to spend 3.5 million for something so big.You should have a plan B. I like having choices. So after you try to ask us to approve the addition then you will come back to ask for more monies to restore a farm house that isn't even an historic site.Or is it. Did Abraham Lincoln or George Washington sleep their. I didn't think so. Mr.BIG


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