Sen. Suzio: Block the Busway

State Senator joins other lawmakers in effort to stop a $567 million project to build a busway from New Britain to Hartford.


State Sen. Len. Suzio joined several legislators in an April 18 press conference highlighting their efforts to block the $567 million New Britain-Hartford Busway.

Construction of the 9.4-mile busway is slated to begin in late 2014, but Suzio said he would rather see those millions of dollars spent on repairing existing highways and bridges.

"There are plenty of road and bridge maintenance projects right here in greater Meriden that could use this money - projects which would create good paying local jobs right here in our communities," Suzio said.

"Every day, no matter whether I am driving around Meriden, Cheshire, Middlefield or Middletown, I see examples of roads and bridges that need maintenance.  Those projects are being neglected while we build this busway instead at the cost of $1,000 a inch. And we should not forget that the very first major New Britain-Hartford Busway contract was awarded to an out-of-state contractor. Spending the taxpayers' money this way doesn't make sense, and we will continue to fight it and draw attention to it."

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Concerned April 21, 2012 at 11:56 AM
For once, Senator Suzio is on the right track. The land grab going on along this busway project is a crime! The media should start looking at the land transactions, and see where properties are being flipped and resold for 1000% profits. All of this is untraceable as to the actual individuals - hiding behind their LLC's. The inflated price Aetna was paid for the parking lot on Sigourney St. is the tip of the iceberg. We taxpayers are being ripped off. $150Million spent so far, and they don't even know where the money went. If you really want to increase bus use, how about buying some more busses? No need for dedicated roadway, we can't even maintain the roads we have now.


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