State Wants to Demolish Sunrise Resort Buildings

The 80-or so buildings on the site are badly vandalized and beyond repair, the state says.


The state intends to tear down the former resort buildings at years after the tourist attraction was bought and, some say, neglected by the state.

The state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which oversees the property in Moodus, believes the best course of action on it now is to tear down the 82 structures on the 144-acre property, many of which have been badly vandalized since the state bought Sunrise in 2008, the Hartford Courant reports today.

The DEEP last year sought development proposals for the property, which was once a thriving resort where locals from around the region worked, but rejected two ideas that were deemed financially unfeasible.

Melissa Ziobron, the recently elected state representative for the 34th District, has filed legislation requesting that the state do something with Sunrise, which was turned into a state park. The property abuts other state-owned parks in the area, but there is little public access to Sunrise.

Most of the buildings have become eyesores and present a hazard to curiousity-seekers, officials have said. Ziobron has called the state's oversight of the property a "disgrace." 

Sunrise was once part of a large and thriving resort community in Moodus that included Johnsonville Village, a privately-owned, recreated 19th century village that is now for sale, and the Klar-Crest resort next door to Johnsonville.

Big K January 24, 2013 at 02:58 PM
What a SHAME!! Why did the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection let this beautiful piece of property become so badly vandalized since the State of CT bought it?.Now it is beyond repair and has to be raised at a big expense. Once again, No one was watching out for the Taxpayers interest. They could have (at least) installed a few heat sensor cameras to catch whoever was responsible for most of this damage.
Rich January 24, 2013 at 05:21 PM
The summer cottages are moldy and beyond repair. However, I hope they make an effort to preserve at least the pool complex, and perhaps the dining hall next to the Salmon River.
Irime February 01, 2013 at 03:27 PM
Yeah, the dining hall could be salvaged, they would just need a damn good externinator as it's full of mice at present. Otherwise it's structurally fine. The main office, frog, and a couple of the riverside cabins (most specifically the one actually called Riverside, there's a bit of mold on the paneling and a broken mirror in the bathroom but otherwise untouched; the loft beds are even still set up) are likely still usable after a good cleaning. And I could see the dining hall being able to survive as a freestanding resturant in the right hands, it's got beautiful views of the river where it is.


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