Power Update: CL&P Restores All Power in Durham, 55 Still Without Electricity in Middlefield

The power company has turned its attention to restoring customers in Middlefield, where dozens of customers are waiting for the power to come back three days after Hurricane Sandy.


All of the lights are back on in Durham.

By 9 a.m. Thursday, officials say Connecticut Light and Power crews were able to restore electricity to those few customers in town who were still without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

"Two days after make safe was completed 100 percent of residents in Durham are back on line," said Francis Willett, Durham's emergency management director.

About 700 customers in town lost power as a result of damage from the storm.

"To go through that volume of people in the time we had, with the damage we had is a testament to the whole process. Public works, emergency services, CL&P, the whole piece works," Willett said.

55 customers in Middlefield are still without power, according to the company's outage map.

Brian Dumas, the town's emergency management director said most of the remaining outages are in the Lake Beseck area, along Lake Road.

"CL&P is sending crews over there this morning. I think they should be done by this afternoon," he said.

Across the state, more than 247,000 homes and businesses remained without power 72-hours after the storm, including many shoreline cities and towns with outages reaching 80 percent or higher.

CL&P announced today that the "vast majority" of customers could expect power by Tuesday.

"I just want to extend thanks to all of our emergency volunteers," Francis said.

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