Selectman: Middlefield to Keep Piece of Powder Ridge Property

Jon Brayshaw says the town will hang onto a 20-40 acre parcel and lower its asking price for the abandoned ski area.


Middlefield plans to keep a small piece of the 246 acre Powder Ridge property and sell the rest to a developer who plans to restore the abandoned ski area, according to First Selectman Jon Brayshaw.

Brayshaw confirmed Monday that the town will hold onto a 20-40 acre parcel that had previously been included in a $1 million Letter of Intent (LOI) from Sean Hayes, who operates Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland.

Hayes wants to turn the ski area into a winter sports park.

In to selectmen earlier this month, Hayes said he hoped to convince the town's Planning and Zoning Commission to allow him to divide the small piece of property so he could sell the parcel to an interested buyer.

Instead, the town will keep the property for possible future sale or development, according to Brayshaw.

"Sean does not need it," he said.

As a result, Brayshaw said the town would reduce its asking price to $700,000. The plan will be discussed in greater detail at the next Board of Selectmen meeting on March 5, he said.

Hayes will present his proposal during a public hearing on March 6 at 7 p.m., at Memorial School.

Ultimately, residents will have the opportunity to vote on Hayes' proposal to turn the ski area around if the two sides come to a final agreement.

Concerned February 28, 2012 at 01:22 PM
What about the open space component? We voted for a ski area & open space! A 'winter sports park' doesn't sound entirely like a ski area. He will put in the absolute minimum ski area and his other winter sports. like tubing. Sounds like the Dan Frank/Snowtime act all over again. If you remember, Dan Frank would not guarantee skiing. He was interested in tubing, cheap to get up and running and great revenue maker, but less jobs, less taxable property. So the Town will basically be subsidizing someone else's wealth generator, and we will not even be close to getting what was agreed upon - ski area & open space.
margaret neri February 29, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Absolutely ludicrous!!!!!! We are on the hook for how much already, Mr. Brayshaw??? We never went after the original tax burden that was never paid...$300,000, we paid 2.5 million for the red herring...we have attorney's fees....NOW YOU WANT TO LOWER THE PRICE??????? let's just hold onto the property......end of story!


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