Siren Sound Reduced, Powder Ridge Update, Emergency Management Director Steps Down

Highlights from Monday night's Board of Selectmen meeting in Middlefield.



Powder Ridge Forensic Audit

The town of Middlefield has received three bids for a forensic audit of Brownstone as part of a 90-day due diligence process, according to First Selectman Jon Brayshaw.

The town is paying a certified public accountant to determine the buyer's ability "one, to obtain funding in the amount of $2 million for the restoration of Powder Ridge ski resort and two, concerning the viability of the buyer's business plan. Viability would cover, at a minimum, the ability to pay $100,000 installments for the next six years to the town and the ability to open Powder Ridge for downhill skiing on or before Dec. 31, 2014 and operate according to the business plan for ten years from that date," Brayshaw said.

The process would take about a month, Brayshaw added.

Open House with Sean Hayes

Brayshaw said residents had at least to meet with Sean Hayes, managing director of Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park.

$500,000 Grant

Town officials will be going to Hartford to review from the Department of Economic and Community Development to determine how the grant can be spent, Brayshaw added. Selectman Dave Burgess asked whether the town is protected from having to pay the money back if Powder Ridge were to close again. Brayshaw said the money will not be turned over to help Brownstone pay for infrastructure improvements until after downhill skiing is restored.

Emergency Siren Sound Reduced

The fire department has reduced the sound level of an emergency siren on Way Road following a complaint by a neighbor who said the siren nearly . Burgess suggested the town look into moving the siren to an area of open space. "That might solve everybody's issues," he said.

Emergency Management Director Steps Down

Terry Parmelee, the town's former fire chief, has resigned as Middlefield's Director of Emergency Management. "The emergency management job is very demanding," Brayshaw said. "That is a real loss. If there's anybody in Middlefield better qualified I don't know him. Terry is made for the job," Brayshaw said. Selectman Ed Bailey said Parmelee "did an outstanding job" last year. Emergency management director Brian Dumas was nominated as acting director.


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