Letter to the Editor: Thank You from Registrars

Poll workers, Town Clerk's office and school employees recognized for work on school referendum.

The Democrat and Republican Voter Registrars for the Town of Durham wish to thank the poll workers who put in the long hours and dedication required for an accurate school referendum.  We also extend a special thank you to our Durham Kim Garvis and Assistant Town Clerk Alicia Fonash-Willett for their help with the ballots.  Durham had over 300+ voters more than usual in Tuesday’s referendum, and the Clerk’s office helped ensure that we plenty of ballots for the vote.  We would also like to thank Ken and the other workers who help us with unusual problems and tolerate our invasion of their work space for the day.

It is important that we have a solid crew of workers for each event.  If you are interested in learning more about what election workers do, or might consider working on Election Day, please contact either Karen Cheyney or Bob Schulte at 860-349-3452.  Election workers are paid positions.

Karen Cheyney Democratic Registrar of Voters

Bob Schulte Republican Registrar of Voters


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