Lesser: Democratic National Convention Champions Rights of Middle Class

State Rep. Matthew Lesser says President Clinton, who "presided over the longest peacetime economic expansion in American history," spoke directly to the American people, a thrilling moment at the convention.


Thurday afternoon, State Rep. Matthew Lesser sent Middletown Patch an on-the-ground view of the DNC.

Lesser: Yesterday was all about the middle class. We heard fiery speeches from Congressman John Larson and Gov. Malloy (with Rosa DeLauro that makes three Connecticut floor speeches). U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren talked about the struggles middle-class families are making all over the country and made the argument that Barack Obama — not Romney/Ryan — is on the side of ordinary families.

Lesser: President Clinton then did something remarkable. He looked the American people in the eye and spoke to us directly — talking about why we are in this mess and what Barack Obama has done to get us out of it. For all his business success, Gov. Romney has done nothing to make the case that he understand what ordinary families are going through. And his plan to — as Clinton put it — "double down on trickle-down" will only make the situation worse. President Clinton presided over the longest peacetime economic expansion in American history and voters trust him and his judgement on the economy.

Lesser: I've run into a lot of luminaries at the Convention: statesmen, foreign ambassadors, business leaders and even a few Hollywood celebrities. However, one person I met yesterday stands out as truly special — Civil Rights legend and Congressman John Lewis. Lewis spoke about the threat posed by new laws in many states designed to limit voting rights and strongly praised action we took in Connecticut to make voting easier — and more secure.

Lesser: Tonight is the biggest lineup yet: Charlie Crist, a former Republican Governor of Florida, Vice President Biden and of course Obama himself. The delegation is all prepared to get to the Time Warner Center early because the Secret Service locks down the building once the President has arrived.

[Friday] I'll be back in Middletown — all week long I've stayed in touch with constituents and my staff and I'm already inspired and energized for the last stretch of the campaign.

Scott Wheeler September 08, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Who paid the tab Matt? It best not have been CT tax payers because CT has no money. You best be spending my money the way you spend yours. Ah Rosa and her 6-9 millions dollars of worth and asking congress for 30 million to save people from another country during the last days of the budget talks and her being a huge part of the 16 trillion dollars of debt. Glad you had fun in NC Matt.
Klair Waters September 10, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I thought Mr. Lesser might be an original progressive...but Lo' and behold he chirps the same ol' squawk of trying to scarce the elderly into voting for the left side of the circle. And this gentleman is a State Representative...? Sir, I only believe in polemical criticism...We as a people are tired of the same old scare jargon which spews from your lips...try again, maybe you can come up with something on your own...not a propagandized diatribe which you were instructed to utter...on beha'f of The Party's interest...P-LEASE!!! Sir, you ARE better than that, aren't you??? Lying in the political gutter all the whilst trying to scare Seniors into voting toward your accord and The Party's agenda...Check yourself Sir...WE THE PEOPLE are tiring of your type of political style.


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