Iino Looks Ahead to Second Term

The Killingworth Democrat was easily re-elected in last week's municipal elections.

As she starts her second term as Killingworth’s first selectman, Democrat Catherine Iino will do so with a Board of Selectmen that is now controlled by her party.

Iino was handily re-elected on Nov. 8 to another term. Also elected to the board was fellow Democrat Louis Annino Jr. This is Annino’s first term on the Board of Selectmen. He previously served on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Rounding out the three-member board from the election is Republican Fred Dudek, who was the highest vote-getter among all the candidates in last week’s municipal elections. Dudek garnered 1,231 votes, compared to Annino’s 1,125 and Iino’s 1,017.

Killingworth, like many small towns in Connecticut, separates their Board of Selectmen into elections for first selectman and the board.

Iino this year easily fended off three rivals for the first selectman’s job, in particular the candidate for the vocal group Better Choice, a political action committee that formed in the spring and which unsuccessfully waged primaries against both the Democrats and Republicans.

“They got trounced in the primaries,” Iino said.

The PAC also got trounced in the general election. The group’s first selectman candidate, Steve Hollander, got just 97 votes, the lowest of the four selectmen candidates by far and the lowest of any candidate on the entire ballot.

Iino overwhelmingly defeated the other two first selectman candidates as well. Republican William Romero got 649 votes and unaffiliated candidate Richard Pleines got 173.

Some of the newly elected and re-elected officials were night in ceremonies presided over by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman at Town Hall. All of them will officially take office on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Despite her party taking control of the Board of Selectmen, Iino said party politics have never played much of a role here and won’t under her administration. Most of the time, she said, leaders in small towns like hers are just grateful for volunteers who serve on local boards and commissions, regardless of their party affiliation.

“We’re just happy to have the help,” she said.

In her next two years in office, Iino added, she wants to continue to work on moving the town forward as frugally as possible and she wants to continue building the town’s “social capital” by getting people involved in community events, such as last April’s Community Conversation on Education, and volunteer efforts, such as the group seeking funding for Parmelee Farm.

Bill Romero November 20, 2011 at 04:51 PM
I am a little disappointed in the editorial analysis given to the election results for 1st Selectman. Please consider the following; Mr. Pleines is a Republican, and Mr. Hollander under the Better Choice, a supposed campaign committee with a Republican slant, whose primary goal was to get Ms. Iino out of office. Add the vote totals of these candidates up with mine and you get a 98 vote difference between that total and Ms. Iino's. That number is approximately 5% of the total vote. Ms. Iino was not "handily" re-elected.. My campaign is over. I am concerned about the Presidential Campaign happening right now. Who will be chosen to run against President Obama? Politics at the national level is not that different from the local level. Conservative, fiscal minded people need to choose "a candidate" that best represents their concerns, and goals, and to get behind that person. Someone who will look out for "our" best interests going into the future? If we don't come together behind a good candidate, Mr. Obama will be responsible for the next 4 years of our future. Do we really want that?
Phil Stull November 20, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Oh yeah Bill, what we need is another conservative Republican. Lets see, the last conservative Republican doubled the national debt, started two wars, one of which was based on falsehoods, had the biggest tax cut for the top 1% of Americans in history, and introduced secret prisons and torture to our national behavior, and the list goes on and on. Your right though, if you add up the votes against Ms Iino, she did not win in a landslide, but that is not how we choose winners. You lost, but many in your party won, so I would suggest that you look around in your own party to see why that is. Republicans helped elect Ms. Iino because they found you unworthy, of course this is not new just look at what your party did to Mr. Baron. Think about that for a while before you turn your attention to President Obama. You live in Connecticut, and Connecticut supports this President, and you better get use to that and spend more time thinking about why your party didn't support you and won't support what you call conservative Republicans in 2012.
Bill Romero November 20, 2011 at 06:31 PM
Phil, Do you realize that Wall Street has made some of its best profits ever under the Obama administration? What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the bonuses being handed out there under the Obama administration. And what about that energy company in California where Mr. Obama helped steer $500million to while they were actually going bankrupt. I bet you want to put the blame for the economic crisis primarily on Republicans and the Democrats had nothing to do with it? There is lots of room for debate on the Presidential election and politics in Killingworth. Amazingly I am afforded an opinion just like you are. I just deliver mine without the attitude...
Harry Liberal November 22, 2011 at 06:57 AM
I think Phil just received his shipment of "medical marijuana" again...
Phil Stull November 24, 2011 at 12:52 AM
Funny but I stand by my thoughts while you hide behind a made up name. I noticed how you attack the messenger and not the message, is that because it might be true? No one is saying that Mr Romero should not express himself, just that he should spend more time studying why he received so few Republican votes. If he can't get the votes of his own party he might think about listening more to his fellow party members to gain their insight. Just a helpful thought so that in the future he might get more support if he plans to run again.


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