Durham Resident Leads Rally Against General Electric

Daniel Rivizza protested outside the headquarters of GE Capital in Norwalk on Tuesday with other members of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group.


Daniel Rivizza of Durham was among a group of nearly two dozen protestors who stood outside of GE Capital's headquarters in Norwark on Tuesday to protest the company's tax history, according to The Hour.

The protest comes just two weeks before tax day, April 17.

A photograph in the newspaper's online edition shows Rivizza holding a sign that reads "General Electric — King of the Tax Dodgers — 2010 profit: 4.2 billion — 08-10 income tax: 0 (nuthin!)" 

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Kenneth J. Hamilton April 04, 2012 at 02:21 PM
I applaud Daniel Rivizza for what you are doing. GE has done a lot worse than dodge taxes. They have taken our tax money and used it to move their manufacturing facilities out of the county to produce a majority of their products overseas. We no longer purchase GE products and are replacing are appliances with USA made products. We just replaced are GE washer with a Fisher Paykel washer (Made in the USA) and it out preforms the GE model.


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