Durham Farmer on Dairy Policy Reforms: "What We Have Now Just Isn't Working"

Senate Farm Bill passed last week replaces existing "safety net" with insurance program.


Dairy farmers, including Durham's Melissa Greenbacker, are keeping a close eye on Congress as lawmakers look to update and reauthorize the so-called Farm Bill.

Last week, the Senate passed the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012 which is set to expire this year.

For dairy farmers like Greenbacker, the bill eliminates direct subsidies to farmers when milk prices are low and replaces the subsidy wth a voluntary insurance program designed to discourage dairy farms from producing more milk when prices are low.

"Something needed to be done," Greenbacker told The Connecticut Mirror.

Steven K. Reviczky, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, told The Mirror in March that the change "would head us in the right direction."

The bill will be taken up by the House next month.


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