Candidate Profile: Peggie Bushie

Killingworth resident, Dental Hygienist, community activist seeks your vote for election to the Board of Education.

My name is Peggie Bushey and I am seeking a seat on the HK Board of Education.

I have been a resident of Killingworth for the past 10 years and am currently Vice Chair of the Killingworth Republican Town Committee. I graduated from West Liberty State College in W.VA. I am a Dental Hygienist and a recruiter for Aetna in their dental department. I have 3 grown children and two grandchildren.

I was quite involved in the Manchester, CT school system over the years with my main emphasis on curriculum. As I monitored my kids’ education, I found it necessary to be very involved in ‘what’ they were learning. Because of this interest, I was able to get the original HealthCare curriculum rewritten and I was active in the revamp of the program to make it much better.

Currently I am on the board of directors with Grass Roots East and I am coordinator of a community activist group which educates the electorate on current issues effecting us locally and nationally.

Though my kids are not in the school system, I feel I have a lot of wisdom and background to bring and could help be a positive influence in making the Haddam Killingworth school district a better and more productive one…one that produces and well educated , well rounded student.

Please vote second line on November… turn the ballot over and Vote for me and my two stellar running mates, Jim Lippert and Karen Perry.


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