Brayshaw Re-Elected in Middlefield; Democrats Take Board of Finance

Republican Jon Brayshaw was narrowly re-elected Tuesday by 45 votes.

The Middlefield Community Center was the site of controlled excitement at 8 p.m. in anticipation of the vote count. With voter participation running a bit below the prior election turnout of 49%, election officials predicted it was going to be a tight race for the first selectman's slot.  

They were right. Jon Brayshaw was narrowly re-elected as first selectman by 45 votes. Immediately, there were murmurs there may be a recount.  

"I feel bad for Lucy, but she will keep her seat on the Board of Finance", stated Donna Golub, who won her seat back as town clerk.

Dave Burgess, who received more votes than Petrella, will join Brayshaw and Ed Bailey, who was also re-elected as a selectman. Current minority selectman Mary Johnson did not run because she is moving out of town.

Middlefield will have a new treasurer, Ellen Waff, who ran when Mary Hooper chose not to run for re-election.  

Anne Olszewski ran unopposed for tax collector. 

Voter sentiment seemed to be striving for a check and balance as the Democrats took control of the Board of Finance. Democrats Mary Wolak, Jim Irish and Alice Malcolm won seats along with Lucy Petrella, who still has two years left on her current term.

"It would have been nice if there were more Republicans on the Board of Finance.  It's going to be hard to get things done," stated Ron Neal.  

Mark Myjak was re-elected to the Board of Assessment Appeals.  

Paul Pizzo greeted friends Joe Lombardo and his wife, Athena.

"He's a Republican but we still like each other," stated Pizzo.  

Middlefield's unofficial election results are as follows:


MIDDLEFIELD ELECTION RESULTS (D=Democrat; R=Republican) (*=winner; results unofficial) FIRST SELECTMAN *Jon Brayshaw (R) 759 Lucy Petrella (D) 714 SELECTMAN *Edward Bailey (R) 735 *David Burgess (D) 726 TOWN CLERK *Donna Golub (D) 973 Vanessa Schmaltz (R) 491 TREASURER *Ellen Waff (D) 781 Kimberly Schmaltz (R) 650 TAX COLLECTOR *Anne Olszewski (D) 1,132 BOARD OF FINANCE *James Irish (D) 914 *Alice Malcolm (D) 819 *Mary Wolak (D) 799 Frank St. John (R) 688 Marie Benedetto (R) 653 BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS *Mark Myjak (D) 743 Jean Gay (R) 671


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