A Message from the Tax Collector

Middlefield Tax Collector Anne Olszewski reminds homeowners that property taxes are due next week.


There is a new face in the Tax Office. Bella loves to make new friends.

The office has become very busy due to the January tax season. 

You should have your Real Estate Tax bill from July with the second half stub for January. If you have misplaced your bill, call the office at 860-349-7117 and request an amount so you won’t be delinquent. 

If you recently re-mortgaged and are now paying your own taxes you will need to call the office to get an amount to pay. Most banks do not notify the office that they no longer escrow your taxes. It is your responsibility to notify the tax office that you no longer escrow your taxes so I can send future bills directly to you. 

Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes are due in full. These bills are for Motor Vehicles bought after October 1, 2009. February 2nd ALL delinquent Motor Vehicle bills will be reported to the DMV.

For those who recently sold a motor vehicle: If you turned in the license plate to the DMV, the Assessor needs a copy of the receipt you received. This is needed so the Assessor will be able to adjust your bill accordingly. If you switched plates from one car to another, you need do nothing but pay the bills as they come. Motor Vehicle tax bills are based on residency as of the Grand List date of October 1, 2010. The DMV does not notify us of any changes during the year.

You can pay your bills: by mail no later than February 1st post mark, or come in. No credit cards will be accepted. No personal checks will be accepted for anyone needing a DMV release to register a motor vehicle. There will be a $5.00 charge for a release printout, no charge if you bring your registration in with you.

February 1st postmark is proof of payment on time. The drop box is NOT proof of payment on time. The drop box will be emptied at 4:00pm for the last time February 1st. Any payments dropped in the box after close of business on February 1st will be considered delinquent. Also for those who pay with an online service, the envelope your check comes in does not have a postmark on it. These payments will be considered delinquent if I receive them February 2nd.

If you have any questions about your taxes call the office. I would rather you call with questions to get the right answer then to think the wrong one and find out later that your taxes are not paid.

As always, it is my pleasure to serve you.


Anne L. Olszewski, Middlefield/Rockfall Certified


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