State Police Don’t Know How Long Hidden Camera Was in Hammonasset State Park Bathhouse

Camera was hidden in a clothes hook on the back of a door.

Hammonasset State Park, Patch file photo
Hammonasset State Park, Patch file photo

Patch reported that Connecticut state police discovered a camera placed into a door at a campground bathhouse at Hammonasset State Park on Saturday.

Signs have gone up in the area asking bathers to report sightings of clothes hooks, inside of which the camera was hidden.

The police do not know how long the device was hidden in the door inside the unisex handicap room, according to Cyndy Chanaca from Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (DEEP) Office of Communications.

DEEP Environmental Conservation Police removed the camera, and all bathhouses throughout the park were searched for similar devices by park staff and EnCon Police with no other devices detected, Chanaca told Patch.

The device was discovered by a park patron, according to Chanaca.

Bathers at Hammonasset State Park expressed their distress at the discovery to News 8. “I worry there’s a pedophile on the camp ground, because it takes a sick person to do something like that disgusting terrible,” Deborah Hansen said.

The spokesman for DEEP, Dennis Schain, has made the following statement:

This is a very unusual incident and we have not been faced with this type of issue in the past. We are taking this potential invasion of the privacy of our park visitors very seriously. Our staff and police officers responded immediately to the complaint yesterday – and quickly found and removed the camera.  Our Environmental Conservation Police are also conducting a thorough investigation to determine who could have placed the camera there.

There have currently been no arrests. Anyone with information on the cameras should contact DEEP on 203-245-2785.

Thomas Johnson July 08, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Something smells in this story and I'm not referencing the bathroom where it was found. Just speculation of course but could that camera have been planted there by an employee(s) of the state park? An excellent although illegal way to identify vandals...


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