PD: Man Stole Vodka, Drank Half, Passed Out a Mile Away

Middletown Police say a 48-year-old city man managed to admit he shoplifted the liquor once officers found him.


A 48-year-old man who stole a fifth of vodka from a city package store was found highly inebriated lying in the roadway about a mile away not long afterward, according to Middletown Police, after consuming half of it.

On Dec. 13 at 9:12 a.m., John K. Wison, 48, of Omo Street took a 750 ml bottle of Majorska Vodka worth $9.99 from the Grog Shop on Saybrook Road, stuck it in his pocket, police say, and ran away.

The report says police were called a short time later to Wall and Silver streets about a man lying down intoxicated on the side of the road. Inside his jacket was found a half-empty bottle of the liquor.

Police say Wison was too intoxicated to talk fully but did say, "yea, I did it," several times. He was sent to Middlesex Hospital for detoxification.

Wilson was charged with sixth-degree larceny.


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