Attention: East Haddam Residents

A request from Mark Walter, First Selectman, to be more vigilant.


From the First Selectman's office:

East Haddam residents need to be more vigilant than normal concerning burglaries in town. Unlocked cars and garages are being targeted for GPS, computers, wallets, change, generators, leaf blowers and ATV's. Recently, the crimes have escalated to include home breaking and entering to steal jewelry and electronics. 

A key arrest was made in November in conjunction with local burglaries, but other suspects are still actively being pursued.

Please sign up for our emergency alert service and include police updates in your selection.

We will be holding a public meeting to discuss preventative measures and schedule neighborhood crime watch presentations.

Please lock all doors and alert your neighbors and police if you go on vacation.

Mark B. Walter

First Selectman

Town of East Haddam

Ex Republican December 08, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Arm thyself while it is still a right.
Save Sunrise December 10, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Beware of person posing as FEMA rep. There may be a second person waiting in the car. They Google your address and will address you by name. Be sure to get a description of person and vehicle (make, model, color, and license plate #) and call the police.
Mr. P December 12, 2012 at 02:15 AM
There is a lack of police coverage and visibility, thus leading potential criminals to feel more secure in comitting these type of cimes. Proactive, not reactive is the solution. We pay high taxes but recieve inadequate police services. Reduce the police force by 1 Resident Trooper which would save around $100,000 a year and reinvest that into 2-3 local part time officers who are committed to and have a vested interest in our town and it's citizens. The police budget as well as the deployment of our police force can certainly be improved. Maybe it is time for our town government to elect a Police Commissoner to oversee that the operations of our police force is being used to its potential. I support our local police force, not one run by the state police, they are a good resource which is available to every town and city at no cost! So why do we pay over $200,000 for troopers who can be called out of town at any time and leave us left with no coverage, that's not an effective way to manage our resources.
Save Sunrise December 14, 2012 at 03:20 AM
The town has other inadequate services, one of which is Public Works. Our town needs a major beauty treatment. We have so many visitors to the Goodspeed and the Castle, along with great eating establishments. Yet, across from the Goodspeed is the unsightly Town Hall. There is nothing obvious that demonstrates how our tax dollars are being spent. Other towns big and small have a police presence with officers patrolling the streets in their cruisers. The town doesn't spend money to power their lawn mowers and weed whackers so they sure as heck are not going to power the cruisers to protect our neighborhoods. Time for a change and forward-thinking town government!


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