Middletown Arrests: Feb. 1-3

The following information was provided by the Middletown Police public information officer. An arrest does not constitute a conviction and all defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Middletown Police report the following incidents:  

Feb. 3

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, THREATENING — At 11:36 a.m., a male victim came into police headquarters saying his roommate for the last two months, Thomas Fordham Jr., 62, of South Main Street, was argumentative and even threatened to cut him with a knife. The report says Fordham is an alcoholic and intoxicated much of the day and already told the landlord with no success. The two argued over a missing roll of toilet paper, the victim said, and Fordham invited a friend over to drink vodka, then stormed into the victim's bedroom and threatened him. The third roommate, police say, calmed Fordham down, so the victim went to his room and got a "small hatchet" to protect himself and Fordham got a knife and tried to confront him again. Police went to the apartment with a canine to arrest Fordham, who was drinking a beer and smelled of alcohol, and put up a minor struggle. The report says Fordham was found with a knife which he said he used it to scare the victim who had a hatchet.

Feb. 2

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE — At 1:51 p.m., police were called to Ferry Street on a domestic incident in which Raymond Santos Jr., 21, who has a 3-month-old child with Kayla E. Commesso, 19, both of Ferry Street, said he was making growling sounds while holding the infant. The report says Commesso didn't find it amusing and argued with him and they fought over clothes. While he showered, police say, Commesso threw objects like shampoo bottles at Santos and he wrapped his arm around her neck. Both were charged. 

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE — Police were called to St. Vince dePaul soup kitchen on Main Street about a fight between Marilyn E. Sweatt, 51, of High Street and a woman standing out front. The report says Sweatt saw the woman standing there demanded cigarettes and she refused, so Sweatt screamed, swore and punched the victim in the face and arms. A witness confirmed the incident. Sweatt said the victim accused her of taking her boyfriend away, but she stood her ground. The report says she smelled heavily of alcohol. She has an extensive criminal history. She refused to sign paperwork, police say, and got a ticket for trespassing at the MAT bus station just prior to this attack.

Feb. 1

SECOND-DEGREE FAILURE TO APPEAR — Kaseem Johnson, 26, of Lamberton Street, New Haven, was arrested on an outstanding warrant from July 2012.

OPERATE UNREGISTERED VEHICLE, IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE — Renee Hamelin, 30, of Old Colony Road, Meriden, was driving a Saturn SC2 on Washington Street with a plate registered to a Hyundai Elantra, the report says. The Saturn was registered in Florida, but expired, to a Meriden person.


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