You Said It: Trucks vs. Tent at the Durham Fair

We asked our friends on Facebook to share their thoughts on the decision to replace the craft tent with a local car/truck dealership on the town green. Here's a sampling of what they had to say:


"The Durham fair is a CT staple! We as town residents look forward to seeing the 'big tent' being assembled! That IS the start of fall and a great happening in town. I can see car lots anywhere. I'd rather see tractors and veggies on the green! Not angry. Still going with the kids." — Lisa Rueger Hill

"Love the fair. Dislike the cars on the green - even worse, the port-o-poties right on the corner of Maple Ave. and Main st. Really?" — Tina Fazio Hurlbert 

"I don't get why the green has been turned into a used car lot! Why not have more food vendors and picnic tables for people to enjoy the town green?" — Gail Thody 

"Absolutely ridiculous." — Toby Bates 

"Maybe an attempt to save the grass on the green from getting destroyed as it does every year? Kind of strange though, almost like the town is advertising for dodge." — Clayton Dubuc

"Well the biggest excitement towards the top of the hill was an electrical pole fire and then it only brought people up as far as the Needlework department. Looks like a huge car show not an agriculture fair. There are many open spaces Plus they moved the people with the goats who have been at the top of the hill for years over by the petting zoo. Not happy." — Lori Helmedach

"Largest Ag fair in the state turned into an infomercial. Typical. Goes right along with all the citiots moving into the area and then complaining about farming, smells and tractors in the roads." — Rebecca Ramaccia

"Hate the way it looks, has nothing to do with an Ag Fair!" — Diane Seltzer Levy

"... what is with that obnoxiously huge crane in the air with a sack of balloons attached??? The least they could do is have an American flag hanging from it!!! The one weekend a year that I can't wait for Monday... That about sums it up for me... " — Lisa Ambrogio Szymaszek

"This is a great product placement for Robert's, who are great folks by the way. I however miss 'the old fair'. Who keeps making these silly decisions? Commercializing an agricultural fair is an oxymoron! I'm all for improving the fair but I think some folks have lost site of what the fair is all about." — Debbie Sokoł 

"Yuck!!!!!!!"  — Julie Hurlbert 

To read more comments, head to Durham Patch's Facebook page.

Sarah Atwell September 28, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Everyone needs to buy a membership ticket this weekend at the fair so they can have a voice at the annual fair meeting. If you are unhappy, come with suggestions as to how things can be turned around. I don't think that the display on the green is what should be represented and I think the suggestions that others provided about having picnic tables on the green is great. A car lot as a welcome to the town and the fair? Not a great idea. Hopefully people will buy memberships, make their thoughts and opinions known, and the green can look better next year.
Scott Wheeler September 28, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Bring back Crusher the Lobster!!!!!!!! I have to admit though test driving a hemi challenger on Laura's precious town green makes me all giddy inside Dukes of Hazzard style........
Just my opinion September 28, 2012 at 07:59 PM
I have never heard of having to purchase a membership to have a voice. It is too bad that people aren't allowed to speak unless they belong to a specific group. I wonder how many non-profits will leave this year. The place was EMPTY both Thursday and today it is a wash out.
edmund dantes September 28, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I have no problem with having the cars on display at the fair. I love to look at them without the pressure of a salesperson. Also, I especially love to inspect the power equipment from midstate tractor--what a treasure they are. I have no idea about the economics of the fair, but it just might be that the car display puts us in the black this year--especially given that attendance will be way off with the rain. Does that alter your opinion? It does mine. What is up with all these Obama ads on the Patch? I have three separate ads, two of them identical.
Brigid September 28, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Those of us who live on Main Street near the town green are very unhappy with the obvnoxious spot light shining into our windows all night from the green. I'd guess the lights were put there to prevent vandalism of the new car lot, but it is the latest slap in the face to those of us who have to deal with this in our yards every year.


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