Letter to the Editor: To Good To Be True – Romero for First Selectman

"He has what it takes to do the right thing for Killingworth."

This is something I asked myself before marrying Bill.  I want to let everyone know now, as we approach Election Day in the Town of Killingworth, that Bill Romero is the right and best man for this job.  My husband is one of the most honest, respectful, up-front and caring individuals I have ever met.  My children and I are extremely blessed to have him in our lives.  To know Bill, one only needs to look at his upbringing.  Bill’s parents both passed when he was a young child.  His Grandparents took on the responsibility for raising him at the age of six.  They taught him how to be a “good person” with old fashion values and morals.

I have introduced Bill to many friends and family, whom were all a bit hesitant when they met him.  The thoughts were; “he was to good to be true”, “he is too nice.”  Now I receive consistent praise about what a great, selfless caring man he really is.  In business, the same can be said about Bill.  I have seen him go to bat for his clients and try to do what is honorable and right and in their best interest.  It is who he is.

Bill is a born leader.  He is ready for this undertaking.  He has what it takes to do the right thing for Killingworth while maintaining the true character of the Town.  

Vote for my husband, Bill Romero on November 8th, you will not be disappointed.

Shari Romero

Ed Ricciuti November 03, 2011 at 12:12 PM
It is nice to have an adoring wife and an elegant wedding photo but that does not make Bill Romero a good choice to run Killingworth. He is obviously pro development with an urban orientation. Mark my words. If elected, he will take Killingworth down a path that will distort forever the country atmosphere we now enjoy.. Ed Ricciuti
Bill Romero November 03, 2011 at 01:24 PM
Mr. Ricciuti, you must be a wealthy person? My concern is to preserve our Community and to keep it "affordable for everyone." I am concerned about keeping the Community affordable for families to live here in the future. You do not seem to have that concern or you would be concerned about how much we pay in taxes?


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