Letter To the Editor: Re-elect Catherine Iino as First Selectman

"Caring about Killingworth is what Cathy is all about."

From the day she took office, Killingworth’s First Selectwoman, Cathy Iino, immersed herself in the job of running Killingworth and improving morale at Town Hall. She often puts in ten hour days and attends as many of our town committee meetings as she can.

If you called her office and dropped in to discuss an issue as I have, you know she is available. Caring about Killingworth is what Cathy is all about.

Under Cathy’s leadership we received a grant to hold a long-overdue Community Conversation about Education, bringing together seventy members of our school district for thoughtful, nonpartisan, respectful conversation about education. She brought in grants to support community projects ranging from the preservation and development of Parmelee Farm to the planting of blight-resistant elms along Recycle Way—a beautification project whose shade our grandchildren will be blessed with.

Most importantly, in these difficult economic times, Cathy has proven to be a fiscal conservative, a New Englander of the steady habits variety. Taxes did not go up this year because of town spending. Town spending went down. Not willing to see the town stagnate, Cathy has found ways to advance projects that bring the community together without increasing the tax burden. That takes dedicated effort, knowledge of governmental procedures, and attention to detail.

For these reasons, I am enthusiastically voting for Catherine Iino in the Killingworth Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 13.  Please join me. If you will not be able to get to the polls on the 13th, absentee ballot applications are available now.

Kathleen Amoia 

Ex Republican September 11, 2011 at 12:15 PM
You go girl!


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