Letter to the Editor: Opponents Spreading False and Misleading Information About Powder Ridge Deal

Middlefield resident urges fellow taxpayers to support sale of ski area at Thursday's referendum.


I would like to say something about the misleading and false information being put out by those opposed to selling Powder Ridge to Brownstone.

I have found that much of this is coming from a person by the name of Marianne Corona.

It seems that the previous deal to sell Powder Ridge to Alpine met with her approval. She is now opposed to the current deal, which while very similar to the Alpine deal is actually much better for the Town, as the Brownstone Park business in Portland is guaranteeing the contract.

So why is Ms. Corona against the deal?  Is it because she has a secret business relationship with Alpine?  Is it because she has been having secret meetings over the past few months with Alpine and with housing developers from Canada that want to put 150 condominiums at Powder Ridge? Does she stand to profit from such a deal? Why is she going around Town spreading lies about the deal to sell Powder Ridge?  Is it so she can get our First Selectman out of office so to clear her way to sell the town out?

These are the questions you need to ask about the opposition to Powder Ridge. The opposition does not represent your interests or that of the town.

Get out and vote.  Save Powder Ridge, save Middlefield.

Rob Poturnicki


Michael Hayes August 16, 2012 at 12:38 AM
(part 2) Now folks from Rockfall and Middlefield, definitely not political, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, seniors and young, have come together in a completely non partisan way to "'cuss and discuss" their Ridge, distribute information, put up signs as an alert for the tomorrow's Referendum at the Community Center. It is their decision tomorrow, they own the property and they will pay for it in the next 15 years. We have collectively made some wise decisions in the past, look around you. Based on all the information that I have I think that a vote "no" tomorrow is a wise decision.
Concerned August 16, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Since everyone is bashing Mrs. Corona, I would like to point out that she VOLUNTARILY chose to make large, undividable lots when her family developed the Cherry Ridge area. She could have built 4 times or more houses up there, based on the zoning at the time. She is not 'selling out the Town' as you put it, but rather is concerned over this whole process. Ask yourself this question...why would Jon Brayshaw specifically tell interested buyers that they WERE NOT to talk to any BOS member besides himself? Why all the secrecy, not to mention the foot dragging and misinfomation he has been feeding us for the past few years. A man who misleads on small matters will do the same for all these larger matters.
Mickey August 16, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Do your REALLY believe that someone was interested in the property, was told by JB not to talk with any other BOS member, and they just walked away? Think about that- about how that would have actually happened. It is absurd to think someone was interested, and JB said no and they left. All any other interested party would have had to do is show up at any one of the dozens of meetings and voice their interest. Everyone in the room would have stopped and listened. But that never happened- because there is no other interested buyers- Think about it. Don't just believe what those with personal agendas to keep the place closed are saying. I know if I were interested, I would have made more than a single call- I would have been to the foreclosure sale, I would have been to the selectmen (plural), I would have been to the public meetings, I would have called the local papers, I would have shown an interest beyond calling the First Selectmen- any non-braindamaged investor would have. Sean was interested, have you heard from him? Have you seen him around town? at meetings?- that is because he alone, is the interested buyer. Sell this now while we can to someone who will make it a marvelous town option
Concerned August 16, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Mickey, I know it for a fact...
Mickey August 16, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Well, based on just that I figure they could not have been too interested, or a pretty poor businessperson. Sean Hayes is interested and made it known- for that he gets my vote. Appears to me he can get stuff done.


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