Letter to the Editor: Let's Get a Better Deal on Powder Ridge

Resident says taxpayers are being asked to settle on a ski area.


Plans are in the air to sell Powder Ridge to Sean Hayes. I am asking why are we overlooking the fact that a large percentage of Middlefield’s residents do not ski. What’s in this deal for them? If we get a fair price we could either enlarge the existing Community Center or build a new one up at Powder Ridge. How does a community owned health club with an indoor pool sound? How do a larger Senior Center, larger DMY&FS space, larger Historical Society space, offices for Emergency Management and Park and Rec sound? Currently the property is owned by all the people of Middlefield. We all deserve some benefit from it! A lease agreement or a higher sale price would allow us to do these very needed improvements. Why settle?

This is the largest deal ever in the history of the town, why let it slip it through our fingers? I am in favor of skiing but I also feel there should be something for the rest of the people as well who are paying for this with their taxes! If Mr. Hayes buys it for this small amount he is getting the “deal of the century” he doesn’t have to pay to clear trees off the slopes or do any of the basic work, the valuable infrastructure is already there - the roads, parking lots, etc.! Let’s get a better deal.

Susan K. Heuberger R.N.


Fed Up June 09, 2012 at 11:06 AM
There is no way that you can possibly be serious. This has to be a joke. Didn't your friend Laura Williams already go down this path in her embarrassing display at the Selectman meeting last Monday. You just keep trying to find an angle. It is disgusting.Don't you people understand what you look like? You are all so transparent it's ridiculous, just like your letter, and your idea.Where would the money come from to do any of what you're talking about? The town voted that we want Powder Ridge back for skiing. PERIOD! Get out of your car and walk through Powder Ridge. It is tired, and the fact that Mr. Hayes is going to rebuild it is a blessing to Middlefield. You all continue to say that this is not political, yet you are the only group to show up organized, and argue every inch of the way. YOU ARE ALL PATHETIC, and SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED. Even other Democrats in town think you look silly. I can't imagine who would ever consider voting for a group that continues to publicly go against this deal with such conviction. No one else is looking to buy this broken down piece of land.It is no longer a ski area, and it would probably be easier to build from scratch than renovate the existing buildings. Try to forget that Mr. Brayshaw is a Republican, and do what's right for the town for a change! You should all be ashamed. Middlefield should prepare to own a useless hill. If we're not careful, we will never have a ski area again. At least then 20 democrats will be happy.
Cindy Di Lauro June 09, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Dear Fed Up: I could not agree with you more and DISAGREE with Susan more! Let's hope we do not lose this opportunity. It is too bad a small group has to be so negative towards what the majority of the town agreed to commit to. My husband and I will continue to support this option and hope we all get to enjoy a wonderful, thriving business back up running very soon. Whatever happened to good will, support and team spirit? It's not just for sports, this is a great small town, let's work together to bring back skiing as we agreed. Sean's plan has opportunities for a variety of ways to enjoy this parcel as well as skiing. Come on silent majority, don't let your hopes be squashed by sour-pusses and whiners!!!
Hopeful Optomist June 09, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I understand that Susan and a number of these other very vocal, negative minority are on boards, including the Economic Development Commission. You all should create your own ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION COMMISSION and OFFICE OF TOWN DIVISION. You accuse Jon Brayshaw of causing division! You must have thought that was HIS FACE you saw in the mirror!! You truly should be ASHAMED of yourselves! You are an embarrassment to our town. I do not see people lining up to seek to create a viable business out of the now decrepit remains of Powder Ridge, in a town that has a small group of vocal, rabid pit bull types that #1: think they are intelligent, #2: think they know what is best for everyone else when #3: besides acting so viciously, you resemble angry, negative tyrants (you are like a bunch of little condo commandos spreading misery wherever you go!!!!) You are power hungry and attention-starved! Let this deal stand or fall on it’s own merits! We, the majority decided we wanted skiing restored. Let the negative minority go home and spread their misery there!
Fed Up June 09, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Cindy and Hopeful. You have both made some very valid points. It is so true that the majority is silent as Cindy said. The fact is that it is because they understand that this is a great fit, and they don't understand that the 20 or so that are speaking out are making our town look bad. The "silent majority" need to speak up and be heard, show support, and not let these few represent what the majority wants. The other point raised about our commissions is also true. We appear to be against business in our town because of a few commission members that make ridiculous statements like Seb Aresco ( from Economic Development) made when he stated that he saw no benefit to other local businesses by Brownstone coming to town. Loyds closed after Powder Ridge closed. Think Lakeside Deli might sell more gas, Blackbird and Middlefield Pizza might sell more meals? These select few are truly juvenile, and need to understand that Middlefield wants Powder Ridge back. IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND ARE IN FAVOR OF THE DEAL, YOU NEED TO SPEAK UP! Don't be misrepresented by this small group of vigilante Democrats that are trying to gain control.
Mickey June 10, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I agree wholeheartedly. This group is disrespectful, idiotic and just wrong. We, the majority not only need to step up and show our support at these meetings. We need to get off our butts and get on the committees so we can remove these idiots. I am not offended by their differing opinion- but their blatant BS and transparent political agenda should be offensive to everyone.
Fed Up June 10, 2012 at 02:31 PM
You're right Mickey. It is time to take our town back! People need to pay attention and get involved in their community.This is definitely an attack on our First Selectman, and whether you like him or not, he is doing exactly what the residents of Middlefield have asked him to do. I know there might be a few changes in the contract when compared to past deals. Who cares? To me that's good, if those deals were so good, why didn't they happen? What shocks and confuses me is that this group of outsiders actually come right out and say that they like Sean Hayes, and want to see Powder Ridge open again.. That's what makes it so obvious that it is political. They can all say what they want, the fact is that they will go down in history as against the best fit for the town. What is sad, is that when and if this deal goes through, they should all be too embarrassed to get to enjoy what Sean is planning on building. And there will be something for everyone when he is all done.
I hate haters June 12, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Here's a shout out to saying how you feel Mrs. H! Your letter is speaking from the heart without throwing people under the bus. Looks like all replied are bigotted haters to me. So sad.
Mickey June 13, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Not speaking from the heart- speaking from ignorance and people are trying to correct that as her ignorance is damaging.


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