Letter to the Editor: 'Brayshaw Not Acting in Town's Best Interest'

Middlefield resident questions first selectman's request to divide Powder Ridge property.


What on earth is the First Selectman of Middlefield thinking?  Now there is this huge rush to take a parcel out of the Powder Ridge property, but there is no site plan. The land can have at least one house built on it, maybe more in this AG2 Zone. Who is he doing this for? 

The First Selectman may say that he is acting in a “business-friendly” manner, but wasn’t it strange then, for him to drag his feet on the Alpine Ridge deal resulting in the loss of the deal through neglect and delay? That inaction literally chased away those investors.

All of the electors of the Town of Middlefield own Powder Ridge. Are we willing to let one person make any and all decisions on its disposition behind closed doors and just let it happen? We voted at referendum to bond the land for “a ski area and open space.” Are we willing to allow houses to be built up there and just go along with whatever Brayshaw has cooked up?

I say that the First Selectman cannot possibly have this town’s best interests at heart.  He is acting in an irresponsible and short-sighted way. He can tell us that I am wrong, but how can he prove that? Everything has been done secretly, behind closed doors in 40 or more private Executive Sessions.

Ellen C. Waff


Just my opinion May 22, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Transparent in our eyes seems to be different than the thinking of Mr.Brayshaw. I wonder if he has actually looked at what we as a town voted for in the original referendum. I don't remember anything about subdividing the property. The main object was to stop any more homes being built. Why aren't we abiding by the town wide vote?
FOOD FOR THOUGHT May 22, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Town residents should be reminded that this interior lot will allow for an easement or 'right-of-way " to the Green Fourty property. This will then most likely be developed and add significantly to our school taxes. This will happen if the P&Z board approves Mr. Brayshaw's plans. Remember his plans not ours! Get the word out to your neighbors.
Cindy May 27, 2012 at 01:10 AM
What is wrong with you people? Sean does not need the 20 acres so it makes total sense for the town to retain it and sell it to someone else. There is a restriction on the land that it cannot be used for housing so there won't be any houses built "adding significantly to our school taxes". Jon has worked so hard for so long to bring Powder Ridge back. How sad that you constantly disparage him and say he is doing things "in secret behind closed doors". That is simply ludicrous. Short sighted and irresponsible? Nothing could be further from the truth! By opposing the 20 acre separation you are the ones not doing what is in the best interests of the town because you are delaying the deal to restore Powder Ridge. Sean wanted to start construction this summer. It is almost June and we have not even had the public hearing yet, let alone the closing. Sean needs to start work this summer in order to open in 18 months. He also needs the support of the town. He told the audience at the meetings I attended that if he cannot close and start work this summer and if he doesn't have the support of the town like he did in Portland, than the deal would not work. How tragic if he pulls out because of the all the delays created by you all. He is our last hope. What he wants to do will be so wonderful for our town. He has great vision and a proven track record. We need to support him 100% and get this deal done. That means having the town retain the 20 acres that he does not need.


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