It's wonderful to have pride in your ancestries lineage, but how about pride in your American history?

  • I hope this blog does not come across as to preachy, but I am sick and tired of African-Americans...... I thought that would get your attention!!! For that matter I am also sick of Hispanic-Americans, and Italian-Americans. The same disdain can be said for German, Jewish, Irish, Cuban, Greek, Asian, Scottish, Egyptian, and ALL Americans who hyphenate their nationality. 
  • I am an American. Yes, I have Italian ancestry, but I am 100% born and bred American. Baseball, Apple Pie ,and Chevrolet all the way. (Although I drive a Ford). I bleed Red White and Blue. I would NEVER ever dream of flying any flag other than Stars and Stripes. It's wonderful to have pride in your ancestries lineage, but how about pride in your American history? This is where you live, and if you are lucky, where you work.
  • Now there are some exceptions to my rule; if you are fresh off the boat and still smell of Opium, then by all means throw your chest out when you talk about your homeland of Afghanistan. If you can't get the Rosy images of slaughtered women and children out of your head, then you can be proud and hold your head high when you talk about the grasslands of Sudan. If you are uno generation welfare recipient and still own the Pinto you drove across Arizona in, then feel free to talk with great glee about Mexico. My point is simple, unless you are first generation,wet behind the ears, fresh off the boat broken English Alien then your allegiance should be 100% American. That means "WE" come first. The United States of America. Whenever I talk or write about this it always makes me think about John Wayne. Why you ask? Well take two and a half minutes and watch this...................


    The Hyphen is the great divider. The sooner we drop the Hyphen, the sooner we will think of each other and ourselves as Americans. So next time someone asks you " hey what nationality are you?" You can answer, I'm American.....

  • The Hyphen - By John Wayne www.youtube.com

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wtfdrez April 28, 2012 at 05:29 AM
Really Roy??.. Did you watch the entire video?? Would you be more impressed if Sidney Portier had narrated this video instead of a Caucasian-American. Oh, I went there!! The only Americans that deserve to be hyphened are African Americans and Native Americans, that is where it should STOP. If you were forced to live over here, than you take your hyphened name and be proud of it.
Alan Green, Jr. April 28, 2012 at 11:34 AM
If you don't like hyphens, don't use them. Go ahead and look unappreciative of differences and disrespectful of people. It's cool. It's America. We love you anyway. It's ok to be different here.
Peg Welles April 28, 2012 at 11:16 PM
wtfdrez - Lee is on the radio again - 95.9 I think it is, from 6-9. I have it auto-tuned, so I'm not certain about the exact number. It's out of Ledyard.
wtfdrez April 29, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Thanks, Peg!
Rick McDonald April 30, 2012 at 01:48 PM
My Opinion; It is not the hyphen so much as the fact that many that use it think of themselves as another nationality first and an American second. To me this says they are here only for the benefits and do not really wish to be known as American


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