Denver Debate: What Would Stacy and Clinton do?

Politics definitely has taken a toll on the President. The evidence was all over his stressed-out face.

The text came in mid-way through the debate.

What the hell is going on with Obama? He looks like hell.

And I couldn't help but agree. He was not at his best. He looked tired. Haggard, even. I did not like what I was seeing. I had always loved the Horatio Alger story that was Obama. The humble beginning. The improbable odds. Such a great orator. Such a great voice. So cool. So measured. Only in America could we have an Obama. And now the guy was, as they say in the UK, "shot." Or the even more sobering, "He's had it." American translation: his better days are well behind him.

It was all so sad.

In times like this all one can think is, What would Stacy and Clinton do/advise? (For those not in-the-know Stacy and Clinton - as in Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of TLC's What Not To Wear.) Two American treasures, if ever there were ones.  The clothes were right. It was the stress that was all over his face. Politics has definitely taken its toll.

If I know Stacy and Clinton, they would put first things first. A hot stone facial would be the order of the day. That, and a massage. He's the President. He can afford Red Canyon Spa. The one in Arizona no less, where the air is supposed to help you as well.

BTW - Michelle Obama's dress was fabulous. Loved the bright dark purple. The color of royalty. Didn't see the nails. Am sure they were fabulous as well.

I know what you are thinking...no Romney critique? He did well. But isn't it far easier to be the challenger rather than the guy with the record to defend? As one of my friends pointed out later, Didn't Obama himself enjoy that same advantage last time he ran for office?

Yes, Romney did well. He was like a pit bull on the attack. So I guess in political terms, he did well.

On the appearance front, Obama looked too gray, too tired, too, well, fed up and irritated. And the truth of the matter is the outer probably was merely a reflection of the inner self.

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Josh G. October 05, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Couldn't have said it better myself. You have a definite way with words, Lea.


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