If a Burglar Enters Your Property While You're Home, Here's What You Must Do

The following information is often given out by police to prevent anyone being harmed during a burglary.

The following information is often given out by police, to prevent anyone being harmed during a burglary:

By carrying out these simple steps provided by SimpliSafe Home Security, you can make your property’s occupants safer.

  • Do What The Burglar Tells You To Do
  • Remember, your main priority is the safety of the people inside the property. Most burglars are there to steal, not to harm anyone. If you’re insured, you can recoup the cost of the things stolen. Either way, you don’t want to put anyone in danger for the sake of possessions.

  • Remember That The Burglar is Likely to be on Edge Too
  • Don’t do anything that will surprise them. If needed, tell them where you are, and if you are about to move, tell them what you’re about to do. Let them know if there’s anyone else in the building, or if you’re expecting anyone.

  • Only Activate an Emergency Alarm if it Can be Done Secretly
  • SimpliSafe's wireless security system can send a secret “distress signal” to Simplisafe’s wireless alarm monitoring center. Whenever you enter your secret “duress PIN” into your keypad, the system quietly sends your SOS signal to our monitoring center. We then send the police straight to your home.

  • Pay Attention to The Robber’s Appearance
  • This can later help the police to track them down. In particular, look at their face and clothing and any markings. Also, pay attention to the direction in which they leave, and details of their transport (the type of car, for example, and its make and color).

  • As Soon as The Burglar Leaves, Lock All the Doors and Call 911
  • Try to avoid going into the areas where they’ve been, because you may accidentally disturb any clues that the burglar has left. Avoid touching items, which may have the burglar’s finger prints on them.

  • Write Down Everything You Can Remember About The Event
  • Memories fade quickly, and you want to capture every clue that may lead to the burglar’s arrest.

  • Ensure That Any Witnesses Stay Around Until The Police Arrive
  • If a witness insists on leaving sooner, make sure they leave their contact details with you. If you are in any doubt as to whether they have left the correct contact details, ask to see evidence of their identity, such as their driver’s license.

    What Next?

    If you decide you want to protect your property with a SimpliSafe burglar alarm, just visit www.simplisafe.com—or call us at 1-888-957-4675.

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    WI Mom2 October 01, 2012 at 01:49 PM
    Two licensed gun owers, one pitbull, well he rather just lick you, but his bark is good, equals one unlucky intruder.
    Jason Thompson October 01, 2012 at 03:43 PM
    So roll over and be a victim. Allow the rapist to rape your wife, because as soon as you call 911 the rape stops. If someone is coming in to steal stuff they prefer an empty house. If someone breaks into my residence they deserve a facefull of Home Defense.
    Mike K October 01, 2012 at 04:18 PM
    As a Bayport resident and a Police Officer for 27 years we can all do the little things to deter burglaries in our neighborhood. People or vehicles in the area that you may have never seen before should make you take a good look at what they are doing. We all have cell phones with cameras, take a photo of the driver, car or plate number. Many times they will go to the front door and ring the bell, if someone answers they say they are looking for Bill or Joe, knowing that person does not live there. If there is no answer, they will go around back to a door or window and enter that way. Many drug addicts and people just lookng for a quick score will just take cash and jewlery that they can pawn so don't always expect to see them walking out with a 46 inch flat screen. Thay will take what they can fit in their pockets. If you are home when they enter, every situation is unique. Can you see the subject, how many are people are there, can you get to a weapon or phone, should you just hide and wait for them to leave? That is all up to you if this happens. Best bet, be a neighbor who just looks around when you are taking a walk or leaving your house. Your eyes are your best defense against these people.
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    Aaron Telgar April 02, 2013 at 06:56 PM
    We actually picked Alarm Grid home security monitoring https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring over simplisafe. We had tried SimpliSafe before, but their equipment didn't work. We love our system now, it's new, and looks really nice, and the wireless security systems that Alarm Grid has available were every bit as reliable as anything SimpliSafe offered, although it was a bit more expensive. We thought it was well worth the cost.


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