Where are the Hurricane Sandy Power Outages in Durham and Middlefield?

Patch readers have shared information via our Facebook page. Here's an update as of 8 p.m. Monday night.


At 8 p.m., Connecticut Light and Power is reporting 835 outages in Durham and 409 in Middlefield.

Here are some of the locations of the outages according to Patch Facebook readers:

Jennifer Koritko Penney James road is out! We are on the corner of James road and route 17 and are out

Cheryl Mather Barbara Lane is out

Becky Finnerty DiNatalie road near you is out

Carol Douglass Saw mill road has been out since 5 pm

Michele Garron-Wenchell No power on oak terrace

Tiffany Hesser There is a tree down on Edward Road

Brenda Eddy James road out, lower rte 79 saw mill road out

Donna Louisa tri mtn out

Jaclyn DuBois Zolnik Canterbury and Old Washington Trail are out

Bridgett Shampang-Adams Howd Rd is out!

Mary Johnson Donna Golub - Way Rd is out

Tom Flynn Blue Hill Rd. dark

Pauline Webb Oak Terrace is out since 5:30

Cheryl Schatzman No power here in Middlefield (Baileyvill Road)

Heather Ross Parente Johnson lane is out


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