Schulten Leads Pack of Local Runners at 2012 ING Hartford Marathon

25 runners from Middlefield and Durham competed in the marathon or half-marathon on Saturday, Oct. 13. Patch congratulates all of them for crossing the finish line!


Marathon (26.2 miles)

Chris Schulten (Middlefield) 2:44:35

Karen Woodward (Durham) 3:42:54

Brian Glenn (Middlefield) 3:58:44

Salvatore Ficara (Durham) 4:24:09

Dave Asplund (Durham) 4:29:12

Kyle Overturf (Middlefield) 4:34:22

Jeffrey Robison (Middlefield) 4:35:24

Half-Marathon (13.1 miles)

Chris Mayer (Middlefield) 1:14:53

Michael Cote (Durham) 1:36:02

Daniel Dykas (Durham) 1:52:29

Rachel Spinks (Durham) 1:54:11

Peter Schulten (Middlefield) 1:55:02

Edwin Wright (Durham) 1:55:24

Pamela Halligan (Durham) 1:56:53

Katharine Pearson (Durham) 2:01:13

Yvonne Ledoux (Middlefield)  2:02:27

Megan Hogarth (Durham) 2:05:32

Andrew Meiman (Durham) 2:06:08

Kathy Weber (Middlefield) 2:06:53

Wendy Fiore (Durham) 2:13:22

Maria Fazzino (Durham) 2:18:28 

Terry Ullram (Durham) 2:22:26

John Ferrero (Middlefield) 2:39:41

Teresa Pearson (Durham) 2:24:32

Cathleen Hinsch (Middlefield) 2:50:59

steve anastasio October 14, 2012 at 09:18 PM
congratulations to all who did the full and half marathon yesterday @ the ING


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