Boy Scouts Find High Adventure at Wild Waters

By Shane & Stephen Phenicie


Troop 27 of Durham went to seek high adventure on the water in New York at Wild Waters over the summer month of June.  The trip was six hours total down the Hudson River. Our troop was split up into two rafts.  One was led by Jim Chan or, as we called him, Tony Stark because of his resemblance to Robert Downey Jr's character in Ironman.  Guide Josh Smith led the second raft.  The rapids ranged from class one to class four plus.  Both rafts were a blast to go on.  During the entire trip, we were cracking jokes and telling stories, when we weren’t getting wet or “falling in”.

Our trip started on the Indian River, and while on that we went through 2 class three rapids know as ”Indian Head” and “Gooley Steps”. Once through those rapids the Indian River purged into the Hudson River. While on the Hudson, we trekked through a series of class three to class four rapids each with its own unique scenery and navigation.  Those rapids go by the names of “Cedar Ledges”, “Blue Ledges”, “The Narrows”, “Osprey Nest”, “Carters Landing”, “Wrap Rapid”, “and Giveny’s Rift”, “The Gun sights”, “Harris Rift”, “Fox Den”, “Bobcat” and last, but not least, the “Bus Stop”.  A great and wet time was had by all.  

Troop 27 meets on Thursdays at 7PM in the hall of the United Churches of Durham.  If you are a boy, especially in 5th and 6th grade, looking for an opportunity to learn skills, go on an adventure at least once a month, have leadership opportunities and, most importantly, have fun, come for a visit!


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