Mohegan Sun Employees React to Layoffs

Some 300 people were laid off and these employees share their thoughts, worries and frustrations.


Ernesto was with a small group of employees huddled near Eagle View, the employee center at Mohegan Sun. He said he’s “not scared” about losing his job (but still didn’t want to use his last name for the story.)

“If it’s my time to go what can I do?”  Ernesto, who said he’s been working at the casino for “a couple of years…heard some of the higher-ups got it.”

Another employee named Albert who said he was “new” was worried about talking to a reporter.

“No way,” he said.

*          *          *          *

Ernesto may be taking the layoffs of some 300 of his fellow employees in stride, but Ken Dudley was most definitely anxious this morning.

“I’m going in, but to what,” he asked rhetorically.

Dudley works in Birches Bar & Grill. In the parking lot at the casino this morning, he stood near his truck with a friend who also works for the restuarant. He said he was “worried” about what he would find when he went inside.

“We’ve been hearing it but I’m not sure; maybe the doors will be closed. They haven’t even talked to us, but I have that feeling,” he said. “How will I make it? I don’t know. I’ll take the payout of a few weeks pay and the three months of insurance and after that? I don’t know. I better start looking for another job fast.”

*          *          *          *

A tall, articulate young man waiting near the Mohegan Sun employee parking lot bus stop said he was worried about giving his name but identified himself as a cashier. He said he knows “lots of people that got (laid off),” including, he said, a supervisor, a manager and at least 6 other workers including bankers and cashiers. 

“I’m just happy I have my job today.”

*          *          *          *

Crystal Lariviere emailed Montville Patch this morning. She described this day as “gloomy, very gloomy.”

“My husband has been working for Mohegan sun for almost 10 years. We were supposed to go to his 10-year anniversary dinner October 16. He has dedicated his time in and out of work for them. We just brought our home about 5 months ago. We thought we had finally got the American Dream with both of us working and stable incomes. Well that fell apart today. I didn't think something like this could happen. I know you hear about it and I have had my father go through it. But my husband had years in to something he enjoyed. He got the job when I worked there and started out of high school pretty much. All I can say is I wish everyone the best with this and it's hard living out here to make it an American Dream.”

*          *          *          *

Three men that work in the Environmental Services Department said they all have their jobs, but others in their department were not so lucky. (All three declined to give their names and would only be photographed from behind).

“A lot that got (laid off) had just got promoted like Mark (their supervisor) who’s been here since day one. That sucks. But we still have our jobs,” one said. “For now.” 

Ellen Hillman September 28, 2012 at 04:10 PM
My heart goes out to everyone. This is a hard hard time to be layed off. The jobs are few and there are hundreds competeing with you for them. I wish you all the best. Sad next month the unemployment rate will be lower and the news will say area not effected by lay off as all the stores start their seasonal hiring for the holidays.
JCK7997 September 30, 2012 at 01:56 PM
The unemployed numbers are not dwindling...they are just falling off of state assistance and out of tracking ability. My time is up in 2 weeks, It's been 2 years, no full time job, just 3 part time jobs.


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